Bottle washing nozzles are specially designed for cleaning and rinsing of Bottles. Nozzle is designed in such a way that both inner and outer surface is cleaned effectively by optimum utilization of water. Nozzles are made of corrosive resistance materials like SS304 or SS316, Polyproplene and PVC.

Factors to consider while selecting bottle washing nozzle:


  • Bottle size and shape
  • Application details and requirements
  • Material to be removed
  • Temperature and chemical composition of wash fluid
  • Required materials of construction for corrosive residues and spray media
    flow rate
  • Treatment and disposal of wastewater.


  • Water packaging units
  • Chemical processing units
  • Food and Beverage manufacturing units

Based on the type of bottles to be washed, Flat Fan Nozzles, full cone nozzles, Full cone spiral nozzles, and customized nozzles can help in the effective cleaning of bottles.


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