Nozzles for oil

The spraying of viscous liquids is a typical application in numerous industries. In everyday use, the greasing up liquid should be conveyed in controlled, estimated route to an exact region. Likewise numerous ointments, for example, oils are thick which can address a few difficulties for powerful spraying.

Designing Consideration – Controlled estimated spraying

Viable oil is tied in with conveying the right measure of grease to the right region. Oil that falls outside the objective region is basically squandered yet additionally applying too much grease to some unacceptable region is similarly inefficient. In a perfect world then a spray that conveys a uniform measure of spray to a precise region is required.

To accomplish consistency a moderately fine spray is alluring. Fine sprays will in general be more homogenous and thus will convey more uniform coatings of greases.

Spraying of thick liquids

Numerous oils are gooey and thick and this can introduce spraying difficulties. Specifically if utilizing air atomising nozzles the activity of the air on a gooey liquid can cause blockage issues. Utilizing outer blend variations, where the air is blended in with the liquid after exit from the nozzle, will help alleviate this issue.


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